Melody was born Melody Miyuki Saimo in Honolulu, Hawaii to Japanese parents and is the first of four sisters. She took classical ballet and piano lessons, as well as vocal training for many years since childhood, dreaming to be a professional ballerina one day. Ever since she was in elementary school, her weekends were busy with ballet performances and singing on stage at recitals and public events. Unfortunately, at the age 14, she had to quit ballet due to a foot injury. However she could not give up on her love of performing and art so she decided to focus on her other passions of singing and other forms of dance like Hip-hop and Jazz.  

  When Melody was 16, she started working as a model for numerous Japanese commercials and productions. Despite modeling jobs leading to a lot of opportunities, her intention was never to be a model. Melody remained focused on her passion for music and dance and saw that that modeling would help get her closer to her dream of becoming a professional singer. 

  After her sophomore year in high school, she spent her first summer living alone in Tokyo with a management company which specialized in acting. There she spent two months training and auditioning for roles, but ultimately realized that the timing was not right and decided to go back to Hawaii to graduate from high school before pursuing anything more in Japan.  Melody continued working with Japanese commercials and productions in Hawaii throughout her remaining high school years while singing at public competitions and gaining recognition within the local Japanese community.  

  During her last year in high school, Melody took the top spot at a secret audition with renowned record producer Tetsuya Komuro who at the time was forming an international unit. Upon graduating, Melody spent some time in Los Angeles with her new management company to receive further dance and vocal training while recording multiple songs in studios across LA and Miami. She then finally moved to Japan at the age of 19 to pursue her music career. After some time with Komuro's company, where she was allocated to various groups in development, she eventually left and signed with prominent Japanese record label, Toy's Factory which would see her through her days as a prominent J-Pop artist.   

Melody burst onto the music scene with a bang as her debut album soared to an impressive third position on the prestigious Oricon Japanese ranking charts, catapulting her into the limelight at the youthful age of 21. Her undeniable talent caught the attention of Japanese group M-flo, leading to her collaboration on the chart-topping hit, "Miss You," which remains one of M-flo's most beloved songs to this day. 

With her star power on the rise, Melody's multifaceted career expanded to encompass various domains of the entertainment industry. She became a prominent figure as a radio show and television host, sought-after model, captivating voice actress, accomplished artist, and visionary designer. Her magnetic stage presence took her on a captivating journey across Japan, where she enthralled audiences at numerous esteemed events and concerts. 

Melody's artistic prowess extends beyond her captivating performances. Her five studio albums, each carefully crafted, made an indelible impact on the Japanese music scene. Notably, the lead singles from these albums found their way into the realms of movies and commercials, resonating with audiences throughout Japan and further cementing Melody's influence. 

While prioritizing her family at the age of 27, Melody never lost sight of her true passion and the desire to spread positivity through her music. Now, armed with decades of experience and an abundance of knowledge, she returns back to music, liberated from any constraints that might hinder her artistic expression. The time has come for Melody to unleash her heartfelt, pure, and magnificent music, embodying her long-cherished dreams.



Christine Ayana Saimo is the third of four sisters born to Japanese parents in Honolulu. Like her older sister Melody, she showed an interest in art and music from an early age.  She took piano, dance, harmonica, clarinet, and vocal lessons but showed the most promise and interest in classical piano.  She constantly performed on stage with her sisters and her childhood dream was to become a professional concert pianist and play among the great concert halls of the world.   

As her musical aspirations grew, her passion for New Age music deepened, drawing inspiration from esteemed artists such as Ray Lynch, Hilary Stag, and Enya. An unforgettable turning point occurred when she witnessed Yanni's awe-inspiring performance in "Live at the Acropolis" at the tender age of eight on TV. This transformative experience redirected her aspirations from becoming a concert pianist to channeling her creativity into writing and producing her own music. She began composing original piano pieces from her middle school years and when she turned 16, was able to finally record some of her original pieces using a synthesizer and some basic studio equipment from her father. 

Throughout her high school career, Christine continued to hone her musical talents while also modeling and hosting a show on the Travel Channel called “Hawaiian Express”.    Despite many opportunities in the modelling industry, she focused on her passion for music which ultimately took her to Japan.  She joined Melody in the studio where she wrote some of Melody’s most memorable songs of the era such as “Our Journey” which was the theme song for the movie “Gen Yuu Den” and “Dear Love” for Melody’s studio album.  The following year, she produced the exhilarating "Feel the Rush," serving as the theme song for the video game "Need for Speed Carbon," and the enchanting "Love Story," which captivated audiences as a theme song for a popular Japanese TV show.  She went on to write and produce many other tracks for various artists and projects since, but ultimately had a yearning to work on something bigger with her sister. 

Despite her success as a music producer, Christine always wanted to perform and sing together with Melody, the way they had done when they were children.  Unburdened by the constraints of record companies and management, Melody and Christine embark on an extraordinary musical odyssey, fulfilling their lifelong dream of performing together and sharing their unique harmonies with the world.